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In 2020, State Grid Lanzhou will be in charge of 88 charging piles with charging capacity of 716000 kWh and serve customers with 48000 times of charging

2021-03-18 09:30:45

On March 10, the Party branch of customer service center of State Grid Lanzhou power supply company held a party history study meeting. Yang Zhenguo, a member of the party, talked about his ideas of implementing the action plan of "carbon peak, carbon neutralization" in his personal speech, combined with the government work report of this year's NPC and CPPCC.

In recent years, with the introduction of favorable national policies, new energy vehicles continue to be popularized and promoted. Driving new energy electric vehicles has become a choice for many citizens. At present, the State Grid Lanzhou power supply company manages 15 discrete public charging points and one charging station, a total of 88 charging piles, covering all major urban areas and counties of Lanzhou city“ In 2020, 88 charging piles under the jurisdiction of State Grid Lanzhou power supply company will charge 716000 kWh and serve customers 48000 times. During the Spring Festival, 9898 kilowatt hours of electricity were charged and 550 times were charged. " State Grid Lanzhou power supply company customer service center director Da Chaozong introduced.

"Now there are more and more charging piles in Lanzhou, and charging piles can be installed at home. The procedures are simple. Everyone starts to buy electric vehicles one after another. Compared with the oil price, the electricity price is really much cheaper. Moreover, driving new energy vehicles is also a new fashion in pursuit of low carbon and environmental protection On March 10, at duanjiatan electric vehicle charging station in Lanzhou, taxi driver Xia Wei said to Kang Rong, the monitor of the market development class who helped him charge.

Nowadays, new energy vehicles can be seen everywhere in Lanzhou. The change of terminal energy consumers' travel mode makes the name card of "beautiful Lanzhou" more and more loud. Low carbon and environment-friendly lifestyle has become a new fashion pursued by many citizens, and electric energy substitution is more and more popular among the citizens.

With the increasing promotion of national new energy vehicles, the development of new energy vehicle industry and the continuous progress of charging technology, the requirements of new energy vehicles for the compatibility of charging equipment are also higher and higher. In the process of charging operation and maintenance service for customers, State Grid Lanzhou power supply company is more close to customer demand for safety inspection and charging state detection of charging facilities to fully guarantee green travel of charging customers.

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The customer service center carefully analyzes the operation of each charging station. Aiming at the stations with high charging heat, the customer service center has formulated the charging station plan inspection scheme, festival special inspection scheme and safety emergency treatment measures in detail, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of each charging point.

When planning to inspect the charging station site, the staff of customer service center should first determine whether the location of the charging station is consistent with the positioning information of "e charging" app, then check whether the on-site operation signal of the charging pile is good, and check whether the three charging methods of the charging pile can be used normally. During the special inspection during the festival, in addition to the daily functional inspection, it is also necessary to confirm that the fire-fighting facilities of the charging station are in good condition, the charging equipment is well grounded, and the insulating jacket of the charging cable is not damaged.

At the same time, the customer service center actively serves the construction and promotion of social charging facilities, opens up a green channel for reporting and installing electricity, organizes Party member service teams to actively explain the electricity price policy to charging customers, promotes the construction of 123 social charging stations in Lanzhou, and connects 1135 charging facilities of special call, star charging and other operators to the State Grid vehicle networking platform, Realize interconnection.

During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the cumulative charging capacity of charging facilities under the jurisdiction of State Grid Lanzhou power supply company reached 2.57 million kwh; The accumulated charging charge is 1.5389 million yuan; The total number of charging times of service customers is 177000.

Next, State Grid Lanzhou power supply company will pay more attention to green development, actively serve the development of new energy, and increase the proportion of terminal energy electrification consumption. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the planning and development of supporting power grids, optimize and improve the construction of charging facilities and networks, constantly achieve new breakthroughs in the direction of smart car networking, comprehensively serve the society, and improve the convenience and rapidity of charging.

The scenery in the south of the Yangtze River is beautiful, and the Bank of the Yellow River is also beautiful. In the future, strong power supply will effectively boost the high-quality development of "beautiful Lanzhou".



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