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China Southern Power Grid Company breaks the foreign technology monopoly and develops the first domestic fluorine olefin environment-friendly gas insulated electrical equipment

2021-03-17 11:20:28

Recently, the company successfully developed China's first 40.5 kV new fluorine-containing olefin environment-friendly gas insulated electrical equipment and passed the test at one time, marking that China has formed a new independent technical route in the field of environment-friendly gas insulation technology, breaking the foreign monopoly in the insulation alternative gas industry, and realizing the localization of related products, It is of great significance to promote the upgrading of domestic gas insulated equipment and help to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization in China.

At present, China's medium and high voltage gas insulated power equipment mostly uses sulfur hexafluoride as insulation medium, which is one of the six greenhouse gases. The greenhouse effect is equivalent to 20000 times of carbon dioxide, and it is an important source of greenhouse gases in the power industry. In order to promote the construction of green power grid, the company actively carried out research on new environmental protection gas insulation technology to replace sulfur hexafluoride, and achieved a series of results. Fluorinated olefin environment-friendly insulating gas is safe and non-toxic. The greenhouse effect is only 18 times of carbon dioxide, less than one thousandth of sulfur hexafluoride. It can be widely used in various medium and high voltage gas insulated equipment, and applied in power grid, high-speed rail, subway, chemical industry and other industries. In the next step, this type of environmental protection gas insulated electrical equipment will be put into grid demonstration operation, and on this basis, further develop 110 kV and above gas insulated equipment, so as to promote the green development of China's environmental protection gas insulated technology and power industry.

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