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Mass production of Fuxi, the first fully domestic dedicated power control chip

2021-03-17 11:20:28

After five years of research and development and multi scene verification by China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Fuxi, a special power control chip based on domestic command architecture and domestic core, has recently achieved mass production, marking the transformation of the core chip in China's power industrial control field from "imported general" to "independent special", and the core components of power secondary equipment have achieved independent control.

As the core device of secondary equipment in power grid, the main control chip is the brain of power industry control, which involves tens of millions of key devices in power grid. Previously, the main control chip was monopolized by foreign manufacturers for a long time, which seriously restricted the development of the core technology of China's power grid. In order to solve this problem, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, relying on the national key R & D plan and based on the domestic independent CPU core and domestic OEM sealing and testing technology, has concentrated its scientific research efforts to tackle key problems. Since 2019, China Southern Power Grid Corporation has successively verified and applied "Fuxi" in several key power grid scenarios, such as power grid control and protection, automation, new energy and so on, with good performance“ The successful R & D and mass production of "Fuxi" is of great significance to the national power energy and information security, and the independent control of science and technology in the field of industrial control.

Next, China Southern Power Grid Corporation will gradually improve the independent chip coverage rate of new equipment in multi field scenarios of power grid, realize the large-scale application of domestic industrial control chips, and prevent and resolve the major risks of power grid safe operation according to the working idea of "one successful pilot, one pilot, one promotion".

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