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The delivery of power transformer market is more difficult than the previous period

2021-03-18 10:35:07

The domestic ore market is still stable, and the cold drawn flat steel market is more difficult than in the early stage. Although the domestic ore market in Shandong has little change, with the increase of the number of imported ore to the ports in Shandong in the later stage, the local market price shows a downward trend. Recently, the domestic steel market appeared a consolidation pattern, and the downstream demand was still weak. At the weekend, the central bank released the macroeconomic good news of lowering the reserve requirements and interest rates again, aiming to further release the capital signal. However, the boosting effect on the real economy was not significant, and more good news only stayed at the news level. Since the beginning of the year, the central bank has reduced the reserve requirements and interest rates three times, The pushing effect on the financial market is obviously shrinking, and the whole market operation tends to be more rational.

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For the iron and steel industry chain, it is more to use economic leverage to adjust its structure. Cold drawn flat steel will enter the traditional off-season sales and blast furnace maintenance season. It is more difficult for the iron ore market to rise. In the case of international mining enterprises increasing the supply of spot resources, the ore price may fall under pressure in a short period of time. Today, the domestic pig iron market is basically stable, and the market transaction is relatively light. The upstream iron concentrate market is basically stable, while the coke price continues to be weak, which weakens the support for pig iron cost. The downstream steel market remains stable, the businessmen have different views on the future market, the steel mills are not enthusiastic in purchasing pig iron for steelmaking, and the price phenomenon is relatively common.



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