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What are the structural characteristics of dry-type transformer?

2021-03-18 10:30:16

1. The iron core is made of silicon steel sheet. The iron core of dry-type transformer is made of silicon steel tape( High quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet is used to complete the electric energy magnetic energy electric energy conversion, and 45 degree full inclined seam is used for the core silicon steel sheet to make the magnetic flux pass along the seam direction of the silicon steel sheet.

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2. The winding consists of primary and secondary groups (d-angle or Y-star)

(1) Winding type

(2) Filling and pouring with quartz sand

(3) Glass fiber reinforced casting (i.e. thin insulation structure)

(4) Multi strand glass fiber impregnation winding

3. High voltage winding generally adopts multi-layer cylinder or multi-layer segmented structure

4. Low voltage winding generally adopts layer or foil structure

5. Accessories: the insulator includes primary and secondary insulation, turn to turn insulation and insulation with iron core and shell. Materials used: DMD, mesh, alkali and wax free cellophane tape, etc.



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