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The way to distinguish the parameter regulator from the thyristor regulator

2021-03-18 10:15:05

Parametric voltage regulator is a kind of power supply equipment which uses the principle of ferromagnetic equivalent parametric vibration and synchronous tracking compensation to obtain stable communication output voltage and excellent bidirectional anti-interference function. The structure is characterized by no selection of electronic equipment, environmental adaptability and reliable function, which is very popular with customers, because the price is a headache for many customers. Because of this situation, the new power supply planning is comparable to the product ZSBW SCR contactless voltage regulator of the United States.

The industrial planning standard of SCR voltage regulator produced by the power supply is applicable to the area where the grid voltage fluctuates greatly and frequently. Ensure the safe operation of the equipment in harsh environment. High efficiency: the useful power is more than 99%. High precision: the voltage stabilization precision is ± 0.5-1%.

Manufacturer of high and low voltage complete equipment

Intelligent instrument display: intelligent instrument real-time display voltage, current, power and other useful values, clear, high resolution, film key operation, safe and reliable. Three phase regulation: the unbalance of output voltage is less than 0.5-1%, which ensures the accuracy of output voltage of each phase unchanged. Wide scope of application: wide scale of voltage regulation (up to 40% - 50%). It can be used in places and equipment with poor quality of power supply and power grid and large scale of voltage fluctuation.

High speed response: the steady-state response speed is less than 40 ms, which does not affect the voltage change of any computer automation, equipment and instruments. Complete maintenance function: to ensure the safe operation of voltage regulator and load. Strong preset function: the maintenance limit can be arbitrarily set( Option) strong overload capability.

The whole machine is made of high quality equipment with good function and can accept instantaneous overload without damaging the machine. Strong adaptability: it has strong adaptability to power grid and load, and can reliably connect and operate stably under various bad power grid and disordered load conditions.



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