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Detailed introduction of three phase transformer

2021-03-18 09:55:05

Write about the three-phase transformer in the transformer. Nameplate. Catch the king first and hit the snake seven inches. The name plate is equivalent to a person's ID card. The contents on the nameplate, such as model, capacity, voltage, national specifications, can be taken as a reference. Look at the name plate, 10kV becomes 400V, not 380V

If you want to take a detailed look, you can take a look at the relevant national norms. Winding. What is winding? A winding is a coil. The core has three cores, each core has two windings, one is high voltage winding, the other is low voltage winding. Each winding has its head and tail.

Winding connection. The tail connected together is called star connection, and the head and tail connected in turn is corner connection. Whether the connection is a bulb, a heating tube, a motor or a transformer, don't make it complicated. Y0 is neutral grounded. Of course, there are several kinds of connection methods, but they are all evolved from basic knowledge.

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Temperature. The copper loss and iron loss of transformer become heat. For larger capacity, it needs physical heat dissipation, such as fan heat dissipation. One of the functions of transformer oil is to cool. During the daily inspection, temperature should be a concern. When I write alternating current in front of me, I don't think about the phase sequence under normal conditions.

When the transformers operate in parallel, it is necessary to consider the phase sequence. When two-way power supply, the need to pay special attention. Measures to ensure safety. Measures include technical and organizational measures. For example, in the technical measures of power failure inspection, warning signs are hung, and temporary grounding wires are installed to block. When wiring and wiring, the connection and removal of the fire zero ground wire are in sequence. Details decide success or failure.



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