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Shanghais small 220 kV substation put into operation

2021-03-18 09:50:45

A few days ago, Shanghai's smaller 220 kV substation was put into operation in Wujiaochang, Yangpu District. The substation covers an area of only 2750 square meters, which is much smaller than the conventional 7000 square meters 220 kV substation.

The 220kV substation is Zhengyun substation, which was first planned as 110kV substation. Due to the dense population, concentrated industry and limited urban space in Wujiaochang area, Shanghai Electric Power Construction Consulting Co., Ltd., the project construction and management company, is seeking space in a three-dimensional way, and working with the design and construction units to continuously improve the scheme, "building a Daochang in a snail shell".

In the design, Shanghai electric power construction consulting company does not use the traditional way of fire water supply, but separate the indoor and outdoor fire water supply system: the outdoor fire water is supplied by the municipal two-way water supply network, and the indoor fire water is supplied by the fire pump room and fire pool on the basement of the main transformer building.

Manufacturer of high and low voltage complete equipment

Different from the conventional single-layer tiled layout of main transformer and radiator, Zhengyun substation adopts the staggered upper and lower split layout according to local conditions. The radiator is arranged above the capacitor room on the first floor, the 220 kV and 110 kV distribution equipment rooms are combined and arranged on the third floor, and the second floor is set as the cable layer. The cable layer of the second floor is connected with the cable layer of the first floor underground through three primary cable shafts and one secondary cable shaft.

Since there is no road around the main transformer building of Zhengyun substation for construction, Shanghai electric power construction consulting company borrowed the one-way two lane Zhenggao road outside the station.

"In order to ensure that the surrounding traffic will not be affected, equipment access must not occupy two roads." Owner project department head Che Jiajie said.

For this reason, Shanghai Electric Power Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. contacted with Yangpu District government, traffic management department and xinjiangwan street, formulated night construction scheme, compressed construction area, borrowed internal roads of surrounding units, compressed operation scope to only occupy one lane, took one week to work at night, and completed all main transformers, radiators and switch cabinets in place. On the premise of not affecting the traffic and people's life, the equipment mobilization time of Zhengyun substation is nearly 47% less than that of traditional operation.



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