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Regulations on maintenance and pre test management of power transmission and transformation equipment

2021-03-17 11:35:45


With the continuous development of power grid, the importance, reliability and economy of power transmission and transformation equipment for the safe operation of power grid are increasingly prominent. In order to effectively strengthen the equipment management and ensure the safety of power grid, personnel and equipment, the measures are formulated. All relevant management, maintenance, test and operation units shall strictly implement the measures and accept the audit of the superior main management department.

The maintenance and test of electrical equipment shall be carried out in accordance with various maintenance and test procedures issued by the Ministry, so as to ensure that the equipment can operate in a healthy state.

Manufacturer of high and low voltage complete equipment

2、 Scope

This method is applicable to all equipment within the jurisdiction of dispatching, such as line, bus, transformer, switch, relay protection, automatic safety device and its auxiliary equipment. 3、 Maintenance and pre test plan management (1) annual plan management

1. Declaration of annual plan

For the equipment maintenance and pre test plan under the jurisdiction of the county dispatching department of the company, each unit shall prepare the plan according to the maintenance and pre test cycle and the specific situation of the operating equipment, and report it to the production safety department of the company before November 30 of the previous year. The production safety department shall prepare the maintenance and pre test plan of the whole company after comprehensive balance with relevant departments, and report it to the leader in charge for approval.

2. Release and implementation of annual plan

After the approval of the annual plan, it shall be issued as a company document before the end of December of the previous year.

Once the annual plan is issued, it will be used as the basis for the implementation of the monthly plan of the current year, and must be completed according to the plan without special reasons( 2) Monthly plan management

1. Declaration of monthly plan

According to the annual plan issued by the company and the specific situation of operating equipment, each unit adjusts, supplements and refines the work items and contents, defines the planned outage time of specific equipment, and prepares the monthly plan according to the priority. The monthly plan of the equipment under the jurisdiction of the county dispatching department of the company shall be submitted to the dispatching department of the company before the 25th of last month.

2. The release and implementation of the monthly plan. After the comprehensive balance approval, the monthly plan will be released to each unit at the end of last month. Once the monthly plan is issued, it must be completed in the current month without special reasons. Projects that cannot be completed in the current month for some reason will be automatically included in the next month's plan, and priority should be given to them( 3) Daily plan management

The power outage application for each work shall be applied in advance according to the time of monthly plan (excluding holidays). The application for market survey shall be submitted at least 3 days in advance; The application submitted to the company's dispatcher shall be at least 2 days in advance. The reply to the normal work application shall be given to the applicant no later than 12:00 on the day before the working day.

Once the work application is approved, the applicant shall strictly abide by the approved commencement time and shall not increase the work content without authorization. If it is necessary to add work content, another application shall be submitted( 4) Management of temporary inspection

The application for power failure not included in the annual and monthly plan (except for cooperation work) shall be handled and counted according to the temporary inspection;

If the same unit (except the unit with stop) repeatedly applies for maintenance in the current year, it shall be treated and counted as temporary inspection( 5) In order to arrange the maintenance and pre test work of the equipment which is difficult to shut down, it is necessary to strengthen the coordination between the upper and lower levels, seize the opportunity, and strive to complete it.



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