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Chinas transformer industry has entered a period of stable development

2021-03-17 11:35:28

Based on the analysis of the current market development, China's transformer manufacturing industry will usher in a sustained and stable development period. The construction of domestic West to East power transmission, north-south mutual supply and cross regional networking projects has driven the rapid development of China's transmission and distribution equipment industry.

China's new round of power grid transformation and upgrading has achieved positive results. This transformation has provided a strong driving force for the increase of transformer market demand. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the State Grid Corporation of China will increase the proportion of investment. In the next few years, driven by the construction of smart grid, UHV construction, power grid transformation and the development of electric power industry, The growth rate of domestic power transformers will remain at about 10%. The transformation of rural power grid will directly increase the investment in power grid construction and increase the share of power equipment manufacturing industry. The transformer industry will usher in a new period of development opportunities.

Power transformer manufacturer

In recent years, the rapid development of new energy power generation industry has brought better development space for transformers. Smart grid has entered an important stage of comprehensive construction, which not only provides a good growth space for transformer manufacturing industry, but also promotes the optimization of transformer product structure and technological innovation.



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